Amerinox Processing Inc. is proud to announce the successful installation and commissioning of two new advanced back pass heads in our coil polishing line. The company had so much faith in these new heads we installed TWO in tandem! Maximum coil input width at 62”.


NO 2B OR GRAY on the back side of our polished coil, guaranteed.

Two sided polished made simpler and more economical.

10 through 26 gauge, virtually no limitations.



The engineering, investment and installation of the additional two back pass heads reflects our commitment to new technology and systems that again make Amerinox Processing unique in its dedication to continual improvement and quality to serve the market.


Videos coming soon!



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Our processing capabilities are the most comprehensive under one roof, including cutting to length of hot rolled from .125″ to .500″ thick up to 80″ wide, cold rolled from .014″ through .135″ in widths up to 72″ of various finishes. Additionally, coil polishing covering thickness from .018″ through .135″, 63″ max width, and our most recent addition, a two meter wide plate and sheet polishing line employing the newest technology — the first of its kind in North America — capable of discerning finishes from .030″ through and including .750″. Our expertise covers the full expanse of requirements for your critical needs, on-time delivery, and impeccable service — all backed by professionals with more than 100 years of experience in the metals industry.

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